Hollyfest, www.TheHollyfest.org

First edition: 2018.02.11

Welcome to the site celebrating the 66th birthday of
Olga M. Davidson, 11 February 2018, at www.TheHollyfest.org , featuring a wide variety of projects contributed by a wide variety of people who know Holly. Some of the contributors have not yet finished their project for publication in the first edition of 2018.02.11, but the editors are giving them additional time for getting their material ready to join online the projects that are already published in the edition here.

Those not yet contacted who might wish to add your own comments or wishes are welcome to send them to the editors, care of
Niloofar Fotouhi, nf@ilexfoundatiopn.org.

An announcement is forthcoming about the time and place for a “live” celebration.

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Marianna Shreve Simpson, Sunil Sharma
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