Peter and Elizabeth Thomson

82 Revere Street

My wife Elizabeth and I have been good friends and near neighbors of Holly (Davidson) and Greg Nagy and family for forty years. Our sons played and went to school together for a number of years.

A number of years ago, before ILEX Foundation was established at 82 Revere St., I received an early morning, about nine o’clock, telephone call from Holly with the following request:

“Peter, I wish to purchase the house next door, 82 Revere St. (the future home of Ilex) by 12:00 Noon today or I will not get it. Do you know a lawyer who can do this for me ?”

She knew I could be helpful. Naturally I was a bit startled. But I immediately thought of my lawyer, Arthur Ricci, who always did his work thoroughly and  expeditiously, and told Holly that I would call him forthwith. So, I called Arthur and told him of my good friend Holly’s wish and predicament. He said to have Holly call him, which she did and, lo and behold, Arthur completed the Purchase and Sale document by noon that day. Because of that fast action, ILEX had that fine building for many years.

This was a wonderful example of Holly’s spontaneity, enthusiasm, determination and swift action.

We have been blessed and fortunate to have Holly and Greg as friends and neighbors and are proud to honor her.

Peter & Elizabeth Thomson